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Archives for: December 5th, 2019

National Register Graduate Student Forum: Ethical Issues in the Practice of Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Sexual orientation conversion therapy is highly controversial. Despite support from a minority of mental health professionals and religious organizations, the practice of conversion therapy has been criticized by many for being scientifically unsound and potentially harmful, reinforcing of societal heterosexism and homophobia, and in violation of fundamental ethical principles. This article provides a brief overview […]

Promoting Youth Development by Strengthening Civic Engagement

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Our children are our future is a phrase often used to promote or justify investment in children. We need a societal commitment to promote positive outcomes to human development and to ensure that all individuals live up to their full potential; positive development does not occur naturally in the context of the stresses and challenges […]

A Model of Service Delivery: Meeting the Behavioral Healthcare Needs of Community Residing Older Adults

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Demographic changes, restrictive rules for inclusion in managed healthcare insurance panels, and improvements in Medicare reimbursement are powerful factors attracting ever increasing numbers of psychologists in the United States to work with older adults. Current population trends are responsible for a pool of older clients; e.g., in 2006 the first of the Baby Boom generation […]

Involving Children and Adolescents in Decisions About Medical and Mental Health Treatment

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a growing appreciation on the part of family courts and health care systems that children and adolescents might play larger roles in decisions affecting their own welfare. Fortunately, at the same time, we have witnessed a growing body of developmental and clinical knowledge in psychology regarding the […]

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