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Archives for: December 5th, 2019

Challenges and Opportunities for African-American Male Psychologists

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

The transition from clinical training to private practice small business entrepreneur is fraught with challenges, setbacks, and opportunities. The skills acquired in graduate and post-doctoral education generally do not prepare most psychologists for the world of private practice (El-Ghoroury, 2011). This journey is particularly challenging for black male psychologists, as African-American role models are few […]

Recruiting Black Males into Psychology Doctoral Programs

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

The lack of African-American males graduating with doctorates from psychology programs continues to be both alarming and disappointing. The most recent data as reported in Doctorate Recipients from U.S. universities indicated that while European-Americans (whites) earned 76% of psychology PhDs, only 5.8% of psychology PhDs were awarded to black students, and of that 5.8%, 68% percent […]

An African-American Male’s Journey through Graduate Education in Psychology

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Pre-Graduate School Barriers Financial strain One of my first barriers to higher education involved making the financial commitment. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me a strong value for higher education. My mother worked two full-time jobs and a part-time job to ensure that our family had financial stability. She devoted […]

Diversity in the Psychology Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities to Increase the Presence of African-American Males in Psychology Graduate Programs

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Psychology is the science of behavior and its underlying processes (American Psychological Association, 2015). For some time APA has worked to promote psychology as a STEM discipline – which includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (APA, 2015). Many sub-disciplines of psychology can be viewed as having an “engineering” relationship to basic psychological science, such as […]

Dream a Little DREAM

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

“Our workforce and our entire economy are strongest when we embrace diversity to its fullest, and that means opening doors of opportunity to everyone and recognizing that the American Dream excludes no one.” – Thomas Perez According to the Pew Research Center (2013), the United States is ranked as the number one destination for immigrants. […]

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