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What Early Career Psychologists Need to Know About Malpractice Liability

Dennis Saccuzzo, Ph.D., JD, and Nancy E. Johnson, Ph.D., JD

The practice of psychotherapy can be frightening when one considers the numerous and sometimes conflicting sources of duty and liability. Because legal and ethical issues are so critical to the practice of psychology, competency in the field demands that all psychologists have a fundamental knowledge of the professional/ legal issues that affect practice. The goal of this article is to help professional psychologists understand the legal principles that provide the basis for many malpractice claims and to learn the core principles of ethics as they are reflected in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

Year 2007
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
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Saccuzzo, D. and Johnson, N.E. (2007). Ethics and Evidence-Based Practice: Are We Asking the Right Questions?. The Register Report, 33, 24-31.

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