Continuing Education

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ Populations (Archived)

Kimberly F. Balsam, PhD

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ+) people have unique risk and resilience factors that influence their mental health and response to psychotherapy. This webinar draws upon the growing body of psychological research with this population to provide a framework for clinical psychologists to adapt their approach and provide affirmative, evidence-based psychotherapy for LGBTQ+ clients. Clinical examples and suggestions for addressing the clinician’s own biases are included.

Year 2020
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Identify the unique risk and resilience factors that influence the presenting problems of LGBTQ+ psychotherapy clients.
  2. Identify three key elements of affirmative psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ populations.
  3. Describe the framework for providing evidence-based psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ populations.

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