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Patient-Centered Opioid De-prescribing in Low-Resource Care Settings (Archived)

Aram Mardian, MD, and Beth Darnall, PhD

Opiates are widely prescribed to manage chronic pain and associated medical conditions, and some patients are at risk for development of dependence and/or misuse of pain-suppressing medications. In this three hour CE presentation, Drs. Beth Darnall and Aram Mardian will discuss management of prescribed opiates in medically ill populations. They will cover optimum prescription strategies and tapering concepts. Given the complexity of the material, this presentation was recorded in advance, however, Drs. Darnall and Mardian will engage in a live question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Please contact the National Register for the resources which accompany this webinar.

Year 2020
Credit 3
Level Intermediate
Price $80.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Apply strategies to determine which patients on opioid analgesic therapy might benefit from de-prescribing.
  2. Describe key behavioral strategies to help move patients along the pathway from resistance to readiness to engage with a tapering trial.
  3. List potential harms and benefits associated with opioid tapering and patient factors that may predispose to each.
  4. List three strategies to enhance patient safety and comfort during opioid reduction.

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