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Working With Refugees: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Interventions (Archived)

Yacob Tekie, PhD

There are an increasing number of refugees worldwide, with approximately 100 million in early 2022 and over 3.1 million refugees resettled in the United States since the start of its humanitarian program. The long-term impact of adverse health outcomes in refugee populations is a dominant problem throughout the world. Those who deliver mental health services to individuals from refugee backgrounds need to have therapeutic interventions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and effective for their clients. Dr. Yacob Tekie provides an overview of the challenges that refugees endure and ways to address their wellbeing within their current existence in the U.S., refugee research, therapeutic interventions, and recommendations for evidence-based best practices.

Year 2022
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the Triple Trauma Paradigm: pre-migration, migration, and post migration journeys.
  2. Discuss barriers to mental health care and how to enable collaborative care.
  3. Identify culturally competent and effective response strategies.
  4. Demonstrate evidence-based interventions and best practices to work with refugee trauma survivors.

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