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Archives for: December 5th, 2019

Culturally Relevant Competencies When Treating American Indians/Alaska Natives

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

In order to use culture as a positive force in change and empower individuals to be resilient to the stressors in their environment, mental health services must be accessible, appropriate, and culturally-relevant. To deliver such services to any particular group, clinicians must understand the complex relationships between that group’s contextual history, culture, and current mental […]

Legal Perspectives: The New Supreme Court

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

The 2005 Term of the Supreme Court that began on October 3, 2005, and ended June 29, 2006, was a time of change. A new Chief Justice, John Roberts, was confirmed shortly before the Term began, and a new Associate Justice, Samuel Alito, Jr., was nominated and confirmed at the end of January. Justice Alito […]

Clinical Competencies for Practicing in Primary Health Care

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Primary care psychology is a growing area of practice. There are increased pressures on primary care physicians (PCPs) to diagnosis and treat a broad spectrum of health problems that include both biomedical and psychosocial concerns. PCPs treat over 60% of all mental health problems in the United States, without assistance from psychologists. We are frequently […]

Hospital Practice Competencies for Psychologists

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

Psychologists became active in hospitals after World War II, and their involvement was largely in psychiatric facilities, either through departments of psychiatry at medical schools or other large teaching institutions and in Veterans Administration hospitals or state hospitals, where they functioned in a supportive, typically assessment role with staff psychiatrists. During the sixties there was […]

The New Prominence of Practicum Training in Professional Psychology: A Guide for Practicum Supervisors and Trainers

Written by wisnet-ad on December 5, 2019

At their February 2006 meeting, the APA Council of Representatives approved the following policy: The American Psychological Association affirms the doctorate as the minimum educational requirement for entry into professional practice as a psychologist. The American Psychological Association recommends that for admission to licensure applicants demonstrate that they have completed a sequential, organized, supervised professional […]

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