Continuing Education

Assessing and Treating Adolescent Suicidality

Kristin L. Wolfe, Katia M. Goga, and Betsy D. Kennard, PsyD

Adolescent suicide is a growing national public health challenge.  Assessment and treatment of teenagers with suicidality (ideation, plans, intent) is critically needed.  Comprehensive assessment of individual, family, and environment factors are key.  Chain analysis of sequences of behavior and interaction in stressful interpersonal interactions can provide valuable clinical information for use in a range of psychotherapeutic intervention approaches.

Year 2018
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the comprehensive assessment process for suicidality in adolescents.
  2. Demonstrate various psycho-therapeutic intervention approaches for adolescent suicidality.

Wolfe, K. L., Goga, K. M., Kennard, B. D. (2018). Assessing and treating adolescent suicidality. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 44, 101–107

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