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Assessment and Intervention for Individuals With Misophonia

Andrew D. Wiese, Katharine D. Wojcik, and Eric A. Storch

Misophonia is a condition characterized by marked distress following the perception of innocuous sounds and is often accompanied by behavioral avoidance. This presentation is currently absent from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, as it remains poorly understood and understudied. Despite these limitations, there have been recent efforts to develop empirically supported assessment tools and intervention. Interventions for misophonia predominantly incorporate principles of cognitive-behavioral interventions. This article describes in detail the assessment and intervention process of working with an individual with misophonia.

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Level Intermediate
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Learning Objectives
  1. Explain the presentation and assessment of misophonia in clinical practice.
  2. Demonstrate intervention strategies used for patients with misophonia.

Wiese, A.D., Wojcik, K.D. & Storch, E.A. Assessment and Intervention for Individuals With Misophonia. J Health Serv Psychol 47, 51–60 (2021).

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