Continuing Education

Behavioral Interventions for Youth With Diabetes

Laura J. Caccavale and Maureen Monaghan

Diabetes management is multifaceted. Psychologists have an important role in helping youth with diabetes improve adherence, cope with challenges, and improve overall well-being. Effective assessment includes consideration of diabetes management, history of the diagnosis, general psychological functioning, and examination of specific symptoms and risk behaviors.  Evidence-based interventions include skill training and adherence promotion, family-focused interventions, and behavioral strategies for health promotion. Tips for effective communication involve changing from critical labeling statements to positive goal-oriented problem-solving comments. Detailed description of the clinical process of assessment and intervention is presented.

Credit 1
Level Intermediate
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Learning Objectives
  1. Identify considerations, symptoms, and risk factors that compose effective assessment of youth with diabetes.
  2. Demonstrate evidence-based behavioral interventions for youth with diabetes.

Caccavale, L. J. & Monaghan, M. (2020). Behavioral Interventions for Youth With Diabetes. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 46(3).

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