Continuing Education

Ethical Dilemmas in Varied Practice Settings

Prudence F. Cuper, PhD, Erica H. Wise, PhD, Molly C. Clark, PhD, ABPP, and Sarah F. Shelton, PsyD

This article presents a series of vignettes highlighting ethical dilemmas from varied practice settings. The first vignette examines a psychologist’s ethical responsibilities when a potentially inappropriate request for accommodations is made by a client. The second is on ethical difficulties that can arise in collaborative care settings. The final vignette addresses dilemmas when an obviously impaired colleague with clearly impaired competence is unaware of or refuses to acknowledge limitations.

Year 2014
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Assess several potentially problematic situations in the practice of psychology and the relevant ethical principals involved.

Cuper, P. F., Wise, E. H., Clark, M., and Shelton, S. (2014). Ethical Dilemmas in Varied Practice Settings. The Register Report, 40, 22-27.

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