Continuing Education

Evidence-Based Assessment of Intimate Partner Violence in Community Settings

Sarah M. Bannon, MA, and Jessica Salwen-Deremer, PhD

Intimate partner violence victimization (IPV; psychological, physical, or sexual acts against a current or former romantic partner) is a highly prevalent, yet sensitive concern for both patients and mental health professionals. Patients may worry about the potential consequences of disclosing experiences of abuse for myriad reasons. Practitioners may wonder about the best methods for identifying at-risk patients and for initiating a conversation. Using evidence from numerous studies on identification, assessment, and treatment of IPV, we present guidance for assessment in community settings and outline important considerations for mental health professionals.

Year 2018
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the prevalence, severity, and risk factors of IPV.
  2. Demonstrate best practices for the routine screening and clinical assessment of IPV.

Bannon, S. M., & Salwen-Deremer, J. K. (2018). Evidence-based assessment of intimate partner violence in community settings. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 44, 3–6.

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