Continuing Education

Gifted Children and Adults—Neglected Areas of Practice

James T. Webb, PhD

Working with gifted and talented children and their families and with gifted adults is a neglected area of practice for psychologists. Clinical and educational practice usually focuses on disadvantaged persons and obvious psychopathology. Many are unaware that talented and gifted children are at risk for underachievement, peer relationship issues, power struggles, perfectionism, existential depression, and other problems, and that bright adults often have job difficulties, problems with peers, spouses or children, and existential depression that stem from giftedness. This article will discuss ways in which psychotherapy can assist with gifted individuals.

Year 2014
Credit 2
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Demonstrate ability to explain why efforts to re-define the concepts of intelligence and giftedness are important, and the methods used to identify these traits in children and adults.

Webb, J.T. (2014). Gifted Children and Adults—Neglected Areas of Practice. The Register Report, 40, XXXX. (see notes)

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