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Mental Health Service Provision During COVID-19: Results of the Third Survey of Licensed Psychologists

Morgan T. Sammons, Daniel M. Elchert, & Jana N. Martin

A third survey of the practice of licensed psychologists during the pandemic conducted in June 2021 revealed that the rapid adoption of telepsychological service provision has continued approximately 15 months after a national public health emergency was declared. Most respondents intend to make telepsychology a permanent component of their practice going forward. Other notable findings from our survey revealed that after an initial decline in caseload reported in the early days of the pandemic, the majority of psychologists surveyed now report an increase in caseload, often necessitating the establishment of a waitlist. Respondents reported that their patients/clients are more accepting of telepsychology than in our previous survey. That said, a significant minority of psychologists expressed concerns that this technology will negatively affect their future practice. Results also indicated that psychologists are encountering greater symptom acuity among their patients associated with the pandemic, including an increase in reports of suicidal thinking or behavior.

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Learning Objectives
  1. Identify factors influencing the provision of telepsychological services during the pandemic and reopening of in-person care.
  2. Demonstrate best practices when rapidly changing practice patterns in response to emergency situations.

Sammons, M.T., Elchert, D.M., & Martin, J.N. (2021). Mental health service provision during COVID-19: results of the third survey of licensed psychologists. Journal of Health Service Psychology.

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