Continuing Education

Moral Injury in Times of COVID-19

Roger D. Williams, Jessica A. Brundage, and Erin B. Williams

Health care providers are facing increased risk of moral distress during the COVID-19 pandemic because of changes in clinical practice and resource allocation procedures. Health care systems that employ a proactive approach in mitigating the lasting effects of moral distress will fare better in the long run. Psychologists are well poised to apply timely psychological first aid to the crisis needs of patients, colleagues, and even themselves. Key interventions are detailed, including creating and promoting safety, calmness, connectedness, self-efficacy, and hope.

Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Identify the signs and symptoms of moral distress and injury.
  2. Demonstrate psychological first aid techniques.

Williams, R. D., Brundage, J. A. & Williams, E. B. (2020). Moral Injury in Times of COVID-19. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 46, 65–69.

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