Continuing Education

The Role of Psychological Testing in Pre-Surgical Bariatric Evaluations

Kasey Goodpaster, PhD

Psychological testing should play an integral role in the pre-surgical psychological evaluation of bariatric surgery candidates. Generally, such testing involves at least one broad measure of general psychopathology, as well as 2–6 briefer and more specific assessments of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and cognitive functioning as indicated. Ideally completed prior to the clinical interview, testing allows psychologists to identify key areas for further clinical assessment and evaluate the consistency between test and interview data.

Year 2017
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Identify the appropriate psychological tests to use in pre-surgical psychological evaluations of bariatric surgery candidates.
  2. Explain how psychological testing data can be integrated into clinical interviews to shape recommendations for optimal post-surgical outcomes.

Goodpaster, K. P. S. (2017). The role of psychological testing in pre-surgical bariatric evaluations. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 43, 67–73.

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