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Duty to Protect: General Principles and Practical Advice (Archived)

Joe Scroppo, PhD, JD

Dr. Scroppo provides a short history of the evolution of a mental health provider’s obligation to protect others from dangerous patients. He then examines the different versions of the legal duty to protect as it exists in various states/jurisdictions, provides a means to analyze this legal duty, and reviews the various risks a mental health provider faces when complying with that legal duty. Finally, this webinar presents a risk-management approach to analyzing duty-to-protect situations and responding in ways that minimize risk to clinicians.

Year 2021
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Explain mandated and permissive versions of the legal duty to protect others from a dangerous patient.
  2. Compare the duty to warn and the duty to protect.
  3. Identify steps that minimize risks to the clinician when approaching duty-to-protect situations.

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