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Psychologists in Primary Care in Canada: Research, Practice, and Advocacy (Archived)

Simon Elterman, RPsych & Erika Penner, RPsych

Primary Care is the nexus point for the majority of non-life threatening issues, including mental and physical health (and their meeting point at behavioural health). With many regions in Canada facing a primary care crisis, integrating psychologists into primary care using a Primary Care Behavioural Health (PCBH) model can improve patient access to assessment and treatment, improve patient wellbeing, mitigate care team burnout, and reduce healthcare costs. The PCBH model has been widely implemented around the world. It requires specific training in brief assessments and all aspects of health-related intervention. In this webinar, the presenters outline the rationale and research for integrating psychologists into primary care using the PCBH model, core competencies required, and the approach used in BC to work with government to create true team-based primary care with a shift toward behavioural health.

Year 2023
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Explain how training psychologists in primary care leads to benefits at a patient, care team, and healthcare system level.
  2. Identify the requisite skills needed and duties performed of a psychologist as a behavioural health consultant in primary care.
  3. Describe the Primary Care Psychologist proposal and our lessons learned from 3 years of advocacy.

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