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Youth With Psychosis-Spectrum Experiences: Stigma and Equity Issues (Archived)

Joseph S. DeLuca, PhD

Psychotic experiences exist on a spectrum, ranging from subclinical experiences or psychosis-risk states (e.g., seeing a shadow out of the corner of one’s eye) to more severe and diagnosable psychotic symptoms (e.g., seeing fully formed figures that may cause significant distress). The onset of psychosis-spectrum experiences is often during adolescence and young adulthood, and research supports that early identification and intervention—involving comprehensive, individualized services—can save lives. However, minoritized youth and families often contend with significant mental health care disparities that can prevent access to, and full engagement in, such services. In this webinar, Dr. DeLuca covers the basics of culturally sensitive psychosis-spectrum screening and provide actionable steps for providers, followed by additional clinical applications related to intersectional stigma and equity issues in this work.

Year 2023
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Define psychosis-risk states and first-episodes of psychosis among youth.
  2. Utilize two screening tools to assess youth psychosis-spectrum experiences.
  3. Describe three clinical strategies to address intersectional stigma or broader equity issues when working with youth who have psychosis-spectrum experiences and their families.

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