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Archives for: January 7th, 2020

Psychotherapy With Persons With Parkinson’s Disease

Written by wisnet-ad on January 7, 2020

Charles, a fit and courtly 82-year-old retired businessman, waits for his first session with you. Punctual, he is dressed in a dapper style. He trudges into your office slowly but deliberately. Once seated, his previously subtle tremors escalate, his legs kicking wildly at times. He is polite but stoic. His voice is whisper soft and […]

Assessment and Treatment of Gambling Behavior

Written by wisnet-ad on January 7, 2020

Timothy and Jeanine, a couple in their early forties, arrive for their first session to discuss marital discord. They state that most of their arguments are about finances. Jeanine believes that Timothy spends too much money at the local casino, while Timothy thinks gambling is a source of entertainment. Timothy reports gambling for the first […]

Family Treatment for Moderate Child Alienation

Written by wisnet-ad on January 7, 2020

Child alienation is manifested by significant resistance to parental contact that is disproportional to actual past experience. Individual interviews and questionnaires with all parties and structured family interactions are needed to assess presence and severity. In cases of moderate alienation, a family treatment model featuring psychoeducation, inclusive family goal setting, progressive desensitization, exposure, and development […]

Concussion Management: Psychological Considerations

Written by wisnet-ad on January 7, 2020

Steve, a 17-year-old high school junior, suffered a head-to-head hit during a Friday night school football game three weeks ago. He was assessed on the field and showed signs and symptoms of a concussion. Per clinical protocol, he was directed to rest for 48 hours, limit screen time, limit physical and mental activity, and then […]

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