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Suicidal Risk and Telepsychology: From Supportive Resources to Clinical Treatment (Archived)

David A. Jobes, PhD, ABPP

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and exponentially increased the use of telepsychology. While not explicitly excluded, expert guidance on telepsychology use with suicidal patients has typically been cautioned because of acute risk challenges with a remotely located patient. Nevertheless, since the spread of COVID-19 there has been increasing support for mental health providers to work with suicidal patients via telepsychology-based care. Dr. Jobes will provide an overview of the general issues related to this topic and will provide a full range of resources that can be used to support suicidal people in crisis. An overview to the telepsychology use of an evidence-based, suicide-focused clinical intervention will be discussed.

Year 2020
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the challenges of providing telehealth care to suicidal patients—from both a legal and ethical standpoint.
  2. Utilize various online and other resources for support and self-soothing to help stabilize suicidal people.
  3. Demonstrate a suicide-focused, evidence-based treatment framework that can be used to effectively treat suicidal risk within a telepsychology modality.

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