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Psychologist Self-Care During the Pandemic: Now More Than Ever

John C. Norcross & Colleen M. Phillips

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the lives and practices of psychologists and has highlighted the need for time-efficient self-care. The anxiety among psychologists (and humans) is practically universal—nearly every psychologist worldwide is experiencing some negative impact on their mental health. We offer nine research-supported, practitioner-friendly methods of self-care to manage anxiety and maintain optimal performance during these extraordinary times.

Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $25.00
Learning Objectives
  1. Use research-supported, practitioner-friendly methods of self-care.
  2. Identify the importance and benefits of psychologist self-care.

Norcross, J. C., Phillips, C. M. (2020). Psychologist Self-Care During the Pandemic: Now More Than Ever. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 46, 59–63.

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