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Risk Management Considerations for Safely Reopening Neuropsychology Practice in the Era of COVID-19 (Archived)

Margaret Lanca, PhD & Daniel Taube, JD, PhD

This webinar will focus on considerations related to resuming in-person neuropsychological (NP) practice in the era of COVID-19. First, it will describe the range of models for providing care to NP patients. In that context, we will discuss the situations in which different models may be more or less appropriate. Second, the webinar will address a risk and benefit analysis relevant to the determination of which model to use. Third, ethical, risk management and legal aspects of the decision-making process will be reviewed.

Year 2020
Credit 1
Level Intermediate
Price $35.00
Learning Objectives
  1. List three models of providing neuropsychological services;
  2. Describe four factors to consider in the process of deciding whether to return to in-person services;
  3. Identify three risk management strategies to minimize harm to patients and providers as in-person services resume.

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